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Abduction and adduction

REF: BHF-L250-41 bhfitness

Abduction and adduction

Product description


Allows double exercise on the same machine: Work the abductor and adductor muscles. The pads allow a 360.

opening angle in 7 different positions for each leg.
Allows you to choose the starting position to choose between an exercise of abduction or adduction. making wider or shorter with each leg routes.

side handles.
They act as support and support for the user. Light:

Visual didactic weight indicators in 3 colors depending on the charge level scale. medium and advanced (green. yellow and red).
very intuitive system that helps the user to quickly identify the load and its evolution or progression in the exercise.

Setting Items in yellow high contrast.
Provides a quick and easy visual identification of the selectors fit for any type of user. without help from the trainer.

front and rear fairings.
Provides maximum user safety during the course of the year. avoiding accidents while the plates are moving.

Information panel with requested muscle groups and exercise position. helps the user identify the machine quickly and use it correctly

explanatory graphic Panel on the correct posture for carrying out the exercise and the muscles involved in it.
Located in a position of high visibility. helps the user to identify the machine quickly and exercising properly.

Using "cams" to develop a uniform weight. The cam system used in this model maintains the power arm with a constant resistance during the tour . This biomechanical improvement prevents overuse of the Golgi tendon organ. muscle tension controller.

coated steel cable 5mm thick high strength
For a smooth and secure transmission

Structure 4 mm thick steel quality ST-37/40
guaranteed durability

Selectors magnetized plates.
The magnets eliminate any possibility of the selector coming out during exercise. The patter plates that undergo some inexperienced users may cause the selector coming out in the exercise with the consequent risk of injury

paint treatment three layers.
is composed of an anti-corrosion primer ensures durability of these machines. Thereafter a layer of epoxy powder and lacquer finish or varnish that gives a current aspect applies. professional and highly developed design.

Fairings poly-carbonate high protection. Shockproof. They provide security against accidents. Very easy to clean.

elevated structure 50mm above the ground and legs with rubber. Enter the mouth for cleaning and vacuuming without scratching the paint

Torre plate with weight indicators in Kg and lbs.

has selectors position angle arm training.
Allows you to adjust the angle most appropriate training for each user, thus adapting the starting position and / or end of the year.

design with lower profile and solid.
For a more visually striking and elegant line.

Durable design with optimized safety and comfort.
Your technologically advanced biomechanical design is based on comprehensive studies of the anatomy of each muscle and behavior during exercise. Range ensures smooth and progressive exercises. and a natural motion. precise and fluid.

Load model plate Available in standard model Basic and with the Solar . monitor informative self-powered by photovoltaic panels (wirelessly. electricity cost maximum freedom 0). It offers the following readings:
- Repeats done right
- Percentage of distance traveled in each repetition
- range exercise carried out in each repetition
- Calories
consumed - total Kgs raised
- rest time between sessions


Length : 80.5 cm

Width : 173mm

Height : 148.5 cm

Weight : 205kg .

Load : 68Kg .

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