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ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH - Model: TC30 PageWriter with wifi and cart

REF: PHI-RTC30-4 philips

Product description

12 channels for the acquisition, preview screen , edit , Print (paper < strong> DIN A4 format ), storage and broadcast ECG's and the following key features:

  • Easy operation in 3 steps (one button in urgent cases):

    Allows making records with automatic enrollment date and time in the following ways:

    Auto : 12-lead , optionally including rhythm strip.

    selectable speed: 25, 50 mm / s. Adjustable sensitivity: 0.5, 1, 2 cm / mV, can be combined with reduced sensitivity for precordial .

    ability to perform many Copies as desired.

    Automatic inclusion of the action most important ECG obtained from registered: FC, PR, QT, DQRS, QTc and axes

    RHYTHM : Up to 12-lead so simultaneous Continue .

    selectable speed: 5, 10, 25, 50 mm / s Adjustable sensitivity: 0.5, 1, 2 cm / mV

    full mode - 1 Continuous minute on one page for the tap to select. fixed speed 25 mm / s Adjustable sensitivity: 0.5, 1, 2 cm / mV


    New patient module with Immediate scanning signal for reduction and elimination final of the " noise " analog with scanning at a rate of 8000 samples / second and derivation.

    Allows simultaneous connection of the 10 conventional hoses for all 12 leads.

    includes boot to start recording next patient


      accurate and secure entry system patient data through various options:

      - Real keyboard PC

      - laser gun Optional not included for reading bar code

      Also, the equipment allows receiving work orders (optional included) from the Management System ECG's Trace Master Vue (not included) with automatic loading of the "worklist"


      Display screen in real time and simultaneous 12-lead more a rhythm strip indicating the Location loose electrodes or < strong> inoperative .


        Equipped with Real PC keyboard and color screen Touch 6.5 "effective, high-resolution and allows the visualization prior to printing full ECG , including patient information.

        thus allows to decide if the quality is satisfactory or if needed reacquire ECG.

        Also, if there is connection to the Management System ECG's, it has the ability to query with the same for automatic copy of the latest ECG stored for that patient and compared with recently obtained (optional, not included). < / p>

        is displayed in a single image:

        - data ID patient

        - data apartment .

        - measures and interpretation justified performed automatically by the computer .

        - waveforms .

        The electrocardiograph, on the other hand and automatically stores up to 5 continuous minutes of all connected leads being possible, a posteriori, retrieve ECG's complete any time pertaining to the above range.

        Also during the patient session, marking up to 6 successive events are allowed, all with full corresponding eg 12 simultaneous ECG leads that can be stored permanently.


        Interpretation automatically Castilian based on the new analysis algorithm to 16 simultaneous leads PHILIPS, with differentiated analysis for patients adult or pediatric

        - Analyzes 10 seconds of ECG for each lead .

        - Digital filtering signal to reduce any noise components mixed with the signal from the patient .

        - Detection and advanced analysis of pacemaker .

        - updated in accordance with the recommendations of the AHA Nomenclature


        • action most important FC, PR, QT, DQRS, QTc and axes
        • Diagnostics Automatic Castilian
        • Justification Why each diagnostic statement indicated, which makes the most of the editing and validation it.
        • Summary diagnostics (pictured: "PROBABLY NORMAL")
        • Map ST

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