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COMPANY PROFILE Company Profile Contact Gres de Aragón , offering quality and service for over fifty years. We are a leading manufacturer of extruded tiles ( clinker) . Our capacity to 10,000 m2 per day and a catalog of more than 500 references of production, most of them special tokens , making us one of the largest manufacturers in the world this type of product. We offer a wide range of exclusive designs for walls and floors and counter solutions . In addition, our technical division of industrial plants and water features products that are highly resistant to chemicals and offer exceptional features of this type of specialized These applications always require . Gres de Aragón best natural clays used in the production process : superior quality raw materials that are fired for 24 hours at a temperature of 1300 ° C to produce fine stoneware tiles are very hard and provide outstanding technical specifications. As a result , our products are specified by top architects and high traffic areas of outdoor shopping malls, restaurants, public buildings and sports centers. Environment and quality Gres de Aragón is committed to make improvements in their production processes and products that are as a means to achieve greater customer satisfaction. It is also environmentally conscious , using a system of quality control and integrated management of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environmental certification . In 2007 , GRES DE ARAGON commissioned a new ARAKLINKER clinker manufacturing extruded SA , and in 2010 renewed its manufacturing extruded porcelain stoneware , GLEN SA In both cases , they are designed to comply with the best available techniques ( BAT) for industry ceramics, managing to achieve a reduction in fuel consumption and electricity and CO2 from the atmosphere and reduce emissions that contribute to climate change , all in parallel with improving the company's products . Both plants have been awarded an integrated environmental permit (AAI Spanish ) certified to Quebec when they met after an inspection by the Government of Aragon. Therefore all requirements are met legal environment . The initiatives taken by the company to ensure more sustainable production process , should be mentioned are : · Zero wastewater discharge : All wastewater generated in the glazing step is reused in the production process . Thus, need not be physically or chemically treated , What is this then requires Born This waste management in suspension. · Reuse of ceramic production process waste : o In the case of clinker tiles , ceramic all residues ( dust filter and fired and unfired waste ) is reused as raw material in the manufacturing process , which leads to producing a pre clinker tiles recycled content of 35% . o In the case of porcelain tiles all unfired waste is reused as raw material in the production process itself , through recycling equipment Introduced in 2011 . Residues outside shot is mainly used as raw material in the manufacture of refractory products and materials as fill earthworks. On average , porcelain tile company have a pre -consumer recycled materials 30 % . · Improving energy efficiency in the process: automatic switching off lights and interior and exterior, optimized gas consumption in the production process and the integration of variable frequency drives to reduce energy consumption equipment

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12 x 25 Blue Celeste 9mm 1 picture

12 x 25 Blue Celeste 9mm

Gres de Aragon - REF: GRE-LESTE-1

This type of tile is laid as to coat swimming pools and gyms ... also can be accompanied by a large number of special pieces like...

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12x25 Bright Yellow 9mm 1 picture

12x25 Bright Yellow 9mm

Gres de Aragon - REF: GRE-LANTE-2

These tiles are designed to cover swimming pools and gymnasiums

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Natural 33x33 1 picture

Natural 33x33

Gres de Aragon - REF: GRE-33X33-3

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