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GENERAL EMISON incineration ovens, the proven quality of our products, backed by over 50 years of service and constant research together recent advances tecnológicosen microelectronics and isolation applied specifically deincineración ovens, achieving exceptional results that have led us to serlíderes in the field of incineration. They serve for testing or pilot plant for performing cremations depequeñas according to the capacity of each model. Also cremation seutilizan in laboratory animals such as mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, monkeys ... especially if risk of contaminaciónbiológica or radiation. It is these cases departículas radioactive systems for retention in the fumes are installed, as well as safety devices seacuerden. They are the result of careful design and the know-how of a team of professionals especialistasen furnace construction. Because our ovens offer low maintenance, trouble-free continuous operation, easy handling and control of work and the best decosto per treated unit. The oven is made with modern materials, high quality yconceptos high technology, allowing us to offer a full five year warranty oven is delivered ready and prepared to start working immediately, and rentabilizarrápidamente investment. Our ovens are manufactured entirely in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia (Spain) without lautilización parts from growing countries of dubious quality. Nor importamoshornos of these countries. All our products are in-house technology, the fruit of our R + D, alque devote 3% of our overall turnover. This allows us to offer the best preciosdel market by not having to pay expensive royalties. We are the only company that can offer 5years warranty on all our ovens series. More than 50 years manufacture incinerators, with more than 425 unidadesvendidas in over 40 countries. We are, by far, the Spanish company with more experience. Lets also burn other wastes such as wood, paper, rubbish etc., sinsobrepasar the maximum capacity of the oven or the maximum operating temperature (1000 ° C). It is ideal for testing elequipo incineration pilot plant scale .. .CONSTRUCCIÓN The oven comes in an attractive metal cabinet construction, from yperfiles rolled steel sheets, with special treatment corrosive, highly robust, with avanzadodiseño and epoxy painting of pleasant tones, which gives a long life and a grateful acabadoestéticamente. Great knowledge of materials and their behavior over 50 years of experience enhornos incineration (first installation was completed in 1962 at a pig farm), we permiteuna simple and robust construction with a great economy of materials and cost less than losconvencionales without loss, but rather, quality and durability. The combustion chamber is constructed using high resistenciamecánica refractory concretes to ensure a long life. The insulation is made by mineral fibers and cerámicasde low thermal mass and high calorific value, carefully arranged in layers to reduce heat laspérdidas. The grill is fixed, built in refractory ceramics, and the ash produced caensobre an ashtray for manual extraction. Concrete construction has undoubted advantages over traditional deladrillos refractory masonry, reducing maintenance costs and limpieza.La door is opened manually. A second door in the ashtray allows ash cómodaextracción without stopping incineración.La heating is by GLP, and the temperature control chamber is secured Porun electronic regulator with digital display. CONTROL The oven control is performed by electronic pyrometers that manage enfunción burners set temperature, adjusting consumption needs at all times ygarantizando minimum consumption, lower by more than 40% to other manufacturers offering the maximum puesaprovechamos calorific value of the burning wreckage. The contribution of secondary combustion air is done by shooting manualesaprovechando generated by the chimney valves, ensuring the presence in the fumes of 6% deoxygenated required by the legislation without exceeding the necessary air, less smoke and demejor quality that meet amply, and we guarantee the yeuropea Catalan, Spanish regulations on incineration. ACCESSORIES optionally be incorporated baked all kinds of controls and automation, as well comootros fume purification systems, if used to incinerate materials such as plastics or other quepuedan release harmful gases, ash inerting systems, etc. Consult susnecesidades. OPERATION The operating principle of these furnaces is based on the pyrolytic decomposition, burning organic matter, which disappears in the form of non-polluting gases. The funcionamientoes continue with successive loads. Burn the materials are loaded manually in the oven maintained at the temperaturaadecuada by operation of resistors, and action control pyrometer which regulate seencarga baked calorie intake based on the camera opening necesidades.Al load can be made of the material to destroy. Airesecundario providing ensures perfect combustion, which is performed in a highly oxygenated atmosphere combines optimum temperature and to minimize the production of smoke and unburned formationof which prevents odors. Providing secondary air is produced by the air inlet, regulated by unaválvula, caused by the chimney effect, and ensures perfect combustion, which is performed in unaatmósfera highly oxygenated by the air supply and an optimum temperature to minimize laproducción smoke and unburned which prevents odors. Before disposal fumes go through an afterburner products for the treatment of gases at 850, thus ensuring scrupulous compliance to the atmosphere will sobreemisiones legislation. PURIFICATION SYSTEM fumes generated in the incineration must be released according to their impact on elmedio environment. Odors that may emanate fumes are normally destroyed at niveltérmico reached in the combustion chamber. The main pollutants are generated CO, ypartículas.La 89/369 EEC directive imposes certain conditions if laincineración waste: regarding the design conditions permanence decombustión gases is required, with a minimum of O2 6% retention of at least 2 seconds a850ºC. Also in the flue gas CO concentration should not exceed 100 mg / m3 Ylos organic compounds in gases 20 mg / m3. Limits (mg / m3) decontaminating They also look at the emission gases. All our equipment is designed for rigorous compliance derivadasde the Autonomic, Spanish and European laws, also fulfilling the country casode export destination (in some cases it is necessary to make any changes, for example when asking unasalida smokes low), why deresiduos incineration facilities and the limits of their emissions as well as those relating to deresiduos incineration are regulated. Regularly updated to meet the standards that are incorporated legislacióncatalana, Spanish or European. Also can be supplemented to meet other countries.The emissions are odorless and transparent, complying widely lasnormativas more demanding. Ashes are totally inert and suitable for handling and pouring RiskFREE. Our ovens, for its special construction, avoid the fumes almost completely and definitively paraeliminarlos have developed a cleaner fumes (patented model) ACTING burning the gases from the furnace chimney, disappearing completely ypudiendo work unvented. FEATURES eliminate waste quantities are averages, and for each specific waste the delhorno capacity may be slightly higher or lower than those identified as normales.Estamos at your disposal for any complementary information necesite.La ovens guarantee is 5 years . Optionally we offer a contract mantenimientoque addition to the immediate attention by our technical service throughout Spain, including for annual CALL FEE, increasing the oven warranty up to 25 years, all paid, ie if averíael Customer fails to pay materials or labor or default obra.De manufacture the following models. We can also manufacture furnaces decualquier size for special applications.

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medical waste incinerator 10 kg 1 picture

medical waste incinerator 10 kg

Emison - REF: EMI-FIG5-3

Load 10 kg Cameral Volume 63 liters Interior Dimensions 35 x 25 x 45 cm Outside Dimensions 59 x 165 x 67 ...

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medical waste incinerator 20 KG 1 picture

medical waste incinerator 20 KG

Emison - REF: EMI-FIG10-4

Load 20 kg Cameral Volume 111 liters Interior Dimensions 45 x 40 x 45 cm Outside Dimensions 69 x 175 x 67 ...

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medical waste incinerator 3 kg 1 picture

medical waste incinerator 3 kg

Emison - REF: EMI-FIG3-2

Load 3kg Cameral Volume 22 liters Interior Dimensions 25 x 20 x 25 cm Outside Dimensions 49 x 150 x47 ...

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medical waste incinerator 30kg 1 picture

medical waste incinerator 30kg

Emison - REF: EMI-FIG20-5

Load 30 kg Cameral Volume 161 liters Interior Dimensions 50 x 50 x 50 cm Outside Dimensions 74 x 180 x 72 ...

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